Deloitte University IoT Promo Video

Deloitte University Virtual Reality Promo Video

Deloitte University Touch Wall + IoT Video

Mockup of touch interface at Deloitte University

As a “20%” project, I took the role of CX Design Lead and worked with a small team of Developers and Business Managers to craft a perspective on enhancements to the Deloitte University customer experience. Together we created proposals around Virtual Reality experiences which included the use of Oculus, 3D/360-Degree Video, Touch-Enabled large-screen user-interfaces, Beacons and Geo-Location, social-networking, augmented reality, and holograms.

View the overview video (.mov)
Video overview of Oculus VR, 360-Degree/3D video, and other technologies/experiences
View the “Wall” presentation (.pdf)
Overview of Proctor and Visitor user-scenarios and guidance on potential data-visualizations