As a UX Design and Technical Evangelist, Tim led UX/UI creative vision and production across web, mobile, print, and physical installments such as video, booths, signage, and others.

Tim with his team to create a fluid design language, providing a unified system end-to-end — from ads, to website and sign-up, all the way to the take-aways and swag.

Designing for conferences and events is kinda fun.

Client: Microsoft
Project: PDC Conferences
Role: UX & Creative Lead

  • UX design production and management across web, native, development, and environmental projects
  • Design and create prototypes to best envision the creative, development, technology, and business goals
  • Conduct user-testing & evaluations
  • Establish design standards across multiple projects, technologies, and media
  • Design and develop rapid prototypes, defining UX perspective and recommendations
  • Engage with outside creative agencies to design video and environmental designs for conferences and other engagements
  • Client, user, and stakeholder presentations

Skill weights for this project

Conference signage / wayfinding

PDC Welcome Booth

Environmental (Conference Booth) Design

PDC Welcome Booth