PDC 09

Environmental Design
Creative direction for the event

PDC09 Web
Web Portal for the conference

PDC Video Player
Live + Social Stream


Environmental Design
Signage, Wayfinding, and other

Web Design
Online portals for our conferences

Microsoft Live Player
Streaming, annotations, and social stream


The Archivist Web
Save and export your tweets

The Archivist Desktop
WPF Application for curating and managing live tweet streams

WPF + Twitter Datavisualiztion

Ai2Canvas Sleepy Gorilla
Animate your illustrations natively in-browser

Ai2Canvas Solar System
Use Adobe Illustrator to animate

  • Client: Microsoft
  • Project(s): Creative Direction, Evangelism, and UX Design
  • Role: UX & Technical Design Evangelist
  • Responsibilities:
    • Creative direction across Microsoft confereneces and eventincluding PDC, MIX and Tech Ed
    • Engagement, projject management and direction in concert with third-party creative agencies
    • Design and development of new prototype software in support of our guests
    • Public speaking and presentations in support of new Microsoft technologies and approaches
    • Digital and print production
    • Design and development of new tools and technologies in support of Microsoft initiatives

DevExpress Roles and Responsibilites