Tim led research, UX, Visual Design, and stakeholder reviews were central to my work with HTC/Dashwire, moving forward their design systems across their products and engagements with external clients.

Orange, France’s largest mobile carrier, and Tim/Dashwire collaborated to design and develop a web application, Reflect. This system aggregates content via a mobile application on a customer’s device allowing direct interaction with customer’s contacts, messages, photos, and other content.

Tim designed web, mobile, and kiosk experiences for Dashwire’s client AT&T, aiming to provision customers quickly and easily to their new phones and services — either in-store at time of purchase or at their convenience via a responsive web-app.

Client: Dashwire/HTC
Project Reflect and AT&T Mobile and Web UX/UI
Role: Principal UX Designer

  • Customer and Stakeholder Research, Interviews and workshops
  • User-flows
  • Information Architecture and Taxonomy (OmniGraffle / Axure)
  • Heuristic evaluation of Orange’s current system (Microsoft Excel)
  • Customer, User, and Stakeholder interviews & workshops
  • Wireframe (Adobe CC / Axure)
  • Rapid-protype (Adobe Dreamweaver, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript)
  • Animations (Adobe Flash / JavaScript)
  • Visual Design (Adobe CC)

Skill weights for this project

Orange: Reflect


AT & T: Ready To Go Walkthrough