Tim helped design a “Go-To-Market” approach around customer service, stakeholder engagement, data-visualization, predictive AI, social engagement, marketing, client-engagement, and many other challenging but interesting roles and requirements.

Client: Restricted (Consultant @ Deloitte Digital)
Project: Customer Service “Go-To-Market”
Role: Lead CX Designer, Front-End Developer, Content Strategist, Subject Matter Expert

  • Work with Business and Strategy Stakeholders to develop an approach around customer service, based on learnings from recent engagements
  • Distill and analyze data collected during workshops and research to establish information architecture,
  • Design and develop a Deloitte-customer-only web-portal to illustrate our approach and provide documentation to support our decisions (not available publicly due to N.D.A. agreements)

Digital Customer Service Go-To-Market approach
Links to documents in this presentation are unavailable due to N.D.A.

Customer Journey - CS