Visa: Credit Performance Accelerator

Credit Performance Accelerator

Visa Credit Performance Accelerator

Client: Visa Card Issuing
Role: Lead CX Designer
Details: Working onsite in San Francisco Monday through Thursday, I was responsible for:

  • Conducting workshops with the client and internal stakeholders
  • Creating user-personas and customer journey maps
  • Distilling results from previous workshops to establish information architecture, taxonomies and content strategy.
  • Creating wireframes (Illustrator) and walkthrough (Axure)
  • Producing and animating a PowerPoint deck (at the request of the client) for presentation of their goals.

Result: Project Implemented. No further information is available.

Working on-site at Visa’s offices in San Francisco, as a Customer Experience Lead Designer with Deloitte Digital, I worked with Visa stakeholders to develop a responsive web application for their customers to help develop custom card-offerings for their clients. By combining easy to use interfaces, data-visualizations and specialized controls, customers are provided a system that allows them to more quickly, accurately, and efficiently create new custom card offerings to their consumers.
Visa CPA screens - laptop
View the proposal animated PowerPoint presentation
Run the presentation in “presentation mode” to view the animations.
More examples are available, but need to run locally and can be shown in-person.

Microsoft: The Archivist, Twitter Analyzer Tool


The Archivist: Save and Analyze Tweets


Client: Microssoft
Role: Principal CX Designer
Details: As FTE UX/Technical Evangelist, I was responsible for:

  • User Research
  • User-Personas & Customer Journeys
  • Information Architecture
  • Creating wireframes & demos using WPF and HTML5
  • Hand-in-hand work with Development

Result: Relased in 2009, retired 2011. The MIX Online team was re-organized and Microsoft could not justify the cost to maintain the database of 5,000,000 tweets overe 350+ keywords.

In 2009, Twitter was becoming an instrumental force in the way we communicate and create social change. At the time, however, there were no solid methods for saving and analyzing the vast amount of data that was being aggregated by the service. Seeing the need for this kind of service, as team members in the MIX Online group at Microsoft, I and Karsten Januszewski designed and developed The Archivist.

The Archivist Desktop

The Archivist - Desktop

The Archivist began as a WPF application used to aggregate posts around a certain hashtag and provide limited analysis around that hashtag.

Following the release of The Archivist Desktop, we were able to leverage the project and add new functionality which enabled Microsoft’s MIX Online team to use it in conjunction with two other projects: Flotzam, a Twitter visualization application, and the MIX, PDC09, and Channel 9 conference video players. The Archivist Desktop application was used to filter, monitor, and curate selected Tweets that were being sent during Microsoft conferences, providing an interactive augmentation to the audience and the live videos surfacing relevant content.



The Archivist Web

After its release and great reviews, we realized that because it was a Windows-only product which required install, we were keeping out a significant number of potential users, as well as a lack of more robust analysis functionality. This led us to create a second version that was web-based and available through any browser.


The Archivist - Web

The service unfortunately had to be taken down in 2011 when The Archivist reached 5,000,000,000 archived tweets, Twitter’s Terms of Service changed, and the service could no longer be sustained.

Features that The Archivist included were:

  • Search Twitter and find specific tweets around your search terms
  • Save up-to three searches up to 50,000 individual tweets
  • Make archives public or private
  • Datavisualizations showing
    • Number of Tweets over time
    • Top users using the specific search term
    • Original tweets vs. re-tweets
    • Most-used words in the archived tweets
    • Most-referred-to URLs in the archived tweets
    • The source of the tweets (Web, HootSuite, TweetDeck, etc …)
    • A view of the most-recent tweets around that search term
    • Export to Excel
    • Export to .zip (txt file)

The Archivist Web Press and Reviews

We received some good press and reviewers took time to walk through the features:

How To Download Your Tweets With The Online Archivist

The Archivist Tracks Twitter

Archivist – Awesome Twitter Search Archive Tool

Microsoft Unleashes The Archivist



Microsoft: Ai2Canvas


Ai2Canvas Illustrator Plugin Website & Demos



Ai2Canvas is a plugin for Adobe Illustrator created in 2010 by Mike Swanson, the team at MIX Online, and Microsoft.

With this free plugin, users could easily animate their Adobe Illustrator images and quickly export them directly to HTML5 Canvas for immediate inclusion in their web projects. For this project, I helped Mike develop tutorials, conferred on functionality, and designed/developed the public-facing website hosted on MIX Online.

Credit for the video and the technology behind it: Mike Swanson

[Since the MIX Online team was dissolved in 2011, the plugin is not longer available. Be sure to check out Mike rocking the hell out on the drums with his Rush “drum cover” It’s awesome. ]