Visa: Credit Performance Accelerator

Credit Performance Accelerator

Visa Credit Performance Accelerator

Client: Visa Card Issuing
Role: Lead CX Designer
Details: Working onsite in San Francisco Monday through Thursday, I was responsible for:

  • Conducting workshops with the client and internal stakeholders
  • Creating user-personas and customer journey maps
  • Distilling results from previous workshops to establish information architecture, taxonomies and content strategy.
  • Creating wireframes (Illustrator) and walkthrough (Axure)
  • Producing and animating a PowerPoint deck (at the request of the client) for presentation of their goals.

Result: Project Implemented. No further information is available.

Working on-site at Visa’s offices in San Francisco, as a Customer Experience Lead Designer with Deloitte Digital, I¬†worked with Visa stakeholders¬†to develop a responsive web application for their customers to help develop custom card-offerings for their clients. By combining easy to use interfaces, data-visualizations and specialized controls, customers are provided a system that allows them to more quickly, accurately, and efficiently create new custom card offerings to their consumers.
Visa CPA screens - laptop
View the proposal animated PowerPoint presentation
Run the presentation in “presentation mode” to view the animations.
More examples are available, but need to run locally and can be shown in-person.