T-Mobile: Sales & Service Dashboards


Sales and Service Dashboards


T-Mobile Omni-Channel Prototype

Client: T-Mobile Sales and Service
Role: Lead CX Designer
Details: Working onsite in Bellevue, WA over 6 months, I was responsible for:

  • Conducting workshops with the client and internal stakeholders
  • Creating user-personas and customer journey maps
  • Distilling results from previous workshops to establish information architecture, taxonomies and content strategy.
  • Creating wireframes and and rapid prototypes demonstrating user-flows and interaction design
  • (Axure)

Result: Project Implemented. No further information is available.

My job as a Customer Experience Design consultant for Deloitte Digital presented the opportunity to design and develop a suite of custom solutions for T-Mobile spanning customer-service, executive, and consumer facing user-interfaces with the goal of assisting customers to quickly find the products and services that best serve their needs.

View the proposal, process, and rapid-prototype screens (.pdf)
This .pdf was presented to broadly outline goals and perspective, present lo-fidelity screen designs, customer-personas and journey, sketches, and information.

Watch the introductory video (.mpg)
This short video was crafted to give a broad overview to our goals and engagement history.

View the Low-Fidelity Prototype (.html)
Axure prototype used for presentations and development guidance. Higher-fidelity version is available in-person, but must be run on a local machine.
View the Notifications Dashboard Prototype (.html)
Working proposal example of a dashboard for Marketing professionals
More examples are available, but need to run locally and shown in-person.

Dashwire / HTC / Orange: “Reflect” & AT&T


Orange: Reflect

Dashwire: Orange/Reflect Home

Client: DevExpress
Role: Creative Director
Details: As the Lead Designer I was tasked with refining the existing experience and to push it forward, provide UX/UI expertise, and lead the design practice within the company:

  • User-flows
  • Information Architecture and Taxonomy (OmniGraffle / Axure)
  • Heuristic evaluation of Orange’s current system (Microsoft Excel)
  • Customer, User, and Stakeholder interviews & workshops
  • Wireframe (Adobe Creative Suite / Axure)
  • Rapid-protype (HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript)
  • Animations (Adobe Flash / JavaScript)
  • Visual Design (Adobe Creative Suite

Functionality included:

  • Accessing usage and other details around your specific device
  • Maintaining and curating your media such as photos, videos, and music
  • Communicating via texts with your contacts and curating archived text
  • Maintaining and editing contact lists as well as viewing text and phone communication with those contacts
  • Viewing and updating calendar information
  • Adding, editing, and deleting bookmarked content
  • Other …
As the Senior Designer at Dashwire — a subsidiary of HTC — I was able to help roll-out Reflect for the French mobile carrier Orange in 2011. Reflect was an aggregator of all the content on your mobile device and allowed you to interact with your content and contacts via a web interface. It had been a part of Orange’s customer service initiatives, the intent was to onboard the customer quickly and easily. I was brought in on a short contract to conduct user research, identify and prioritize UX, Visual, & Interactive Design challenges. Once identified and prioritized — and after a heuristic evaluation of their current UI/UX — there begins the work of ideating, sketching, wireframes, visual design, rapid prototyping & interaction design models, and development. See my general UX timeline for more about the process.

Deloitte Digital: Digital Engagement Platform

Deloitte Digital

Digital Engagement Platform


Digital Engagement Platform


While at Deloitte Digital, a group of 5 were approached by a partner to engage on a new internal initiative to bring a perspective and proposals to engagement around “The Internet of Things” (aka “IoT”). Helping lead this project, I developed the perspective of developing individual and reusable APIs around 6 particular channels which could be used with multiple types of data-sources to help accelerate the development of new, custom, engaging experiences for our customers.

While I’m restricted from showing much of the outcome of this initiative due to confidentiality agreements — as well as much of it being code around the APIs themselves — the above data visualization helps demonstrate the thinking I was able to bring forth to make new experiences possible.

This project also lead me to further engage with the “IoT” community at Deloitte Digital and work on a “20%” project at Deloitte University to enhance the experience for potential clients, current practitioners, and attendees of conferences while onsite.

Find our more about the Deloitte University project.