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T-Mobile: Sales & Service Dashboards

To address T-Mobile’s focus on customer service, Tim consulted as the UX Lead conducting research, architecting wireframes, producing rapid prototypes, and designing visual systems and artifacts. Target users were located in remote call center environments as well as on-site retail locations. To accommodate multiple user-intents, Tim designed an omni-channel and modular design system aggregating multiple […]

Deloitte University Digital Transformation/IoT Perspective

Deloitte Digital: Deloitte University Client Experience Enhancements

Deloitte University IoT Promo Video Deloitte University Touch Wall + IoT Video As a “20%” project, I took the role of CX Design Lead and worked with a small team of Developers and Business Managers to craft a perspective on enhancements to the Deloitte University customer experience. Together we created proposals around Virtual Reality experiences […]