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Digital Engagement Platform


While at Deloitte Digital, a group of 5 were approached by a partner to engage on a new internal initiative to bring a perspective and proposals to engagement around “The Internet of Things” (aka “IoT”). Helping lead this project, I developed the perspective of developing individual and reusable APIs around 6 particular channels which could be used with multiple types of data-sources to help accelerate the development of new, custom, engaging experiences for our customers.

While I’m restricted from showing much of the outcome of this initiative due to confidentiality agreements — as well as much of it being code around the APIs themselves — the above data visualization helps demonstrate the thinking I was able to bring forth to make new experiences possible.

This project also lead me to further engage with the “IoT” community at Deloitte Digital and work on a “20%” project at Deloitte University to enhance the experience for potential clients, current practitioners, and attendees of conferences while onsite.

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