UX Design

Using wireframes, and rapid-protyping, As a UX Designer I take into account user-flows built around personas, taxonomies and information architecture, content, interaction design, among other considerations. Often UX Design leads and responsibilities share responsibilities with Visual Design, Interactive Design and UX Development.

UX Research

Conducting interviews, workshops, and creating surveys serves to collect data and drive decisions toward the production of a viable product. Deliverables include customer journey maps, user personas, heuristic analysis, sitemaps and information architecture — all of these (and more) provide actual data to inform the best User Interface and Experience.

UX Development

Development often can happen in parallel with Design once the information architecture and design language has been codified. UX Designers will often create artifacts such as HTML frameworks, redlines, and interaction models, which development can use to create frameworks, later styled easily once design has completed.

Skill Spectrum

Where Tim’s skills fit along the UX Process Skill set


As a professional UX/UI designer for 10+ years, I’ve been an individual contributor, as well as a Manager, leading teams of designers and developers to create amazing web and native mobile experiences. Working with many Fortune 50 companies, I have had the opportunity to develop expertise in many roles: Senior UX Designer, User Experience Design Evangelist, Senior Visual Designer, front-end developer, manager, consultant. The professional requirements throughout these roles were many and varied, providing the opportunity to hone skills across the design spectrum.

I bring deep knowledge of and experience with the overall User Experience Process and a solid working knowledge of prototyping and web-development technologies and methods. I’ve been able to bring my expertise with such clients as Visa, T-Mobile, the State of Michigan, Hasbro, and many, many others.

I’m a team-player, but self-direct and remain motivated on my own, when necessary. I love, though, to work with small teams of designers and developers to craft delightful and useful digital solutions to tough and complicated problems.


User Experience Design Consultant, Freelance & Contract
(2016 – Present)

As a UX Design Consultant, recently I have been contracting with companies to design and develop various B2B, B2C, and internal systems across responsible web and native mobile platforms. Companies I have worked with include Microsoft, Google, Nordstrom, and others.

Customer Experience Designer, Deloitte Digital
(2013 – 2016)

In this role as a Customer Experience Design Consultant, I worked directly with the clients on-site. This lead me to travel 4 out of 5 days of the week, creating artifacts, working with the client, and guiding our team in the Seattle Studio. I was both an individual contributor and also have led UX/UI teams to produce Responsive Web and Native Mobile applications. Clients included Visa, T-Mobile, the State of Michigan, JCPenney, and other Fortune 50 companies across financial, technical, energy, mobile device, and telecom sectors.

I like to “roll up my sleeves” to help with user research, prototyping, interaction and visual design. Often my project-deliverables have included, but weren’t limited to: user/customer research such as interviews and workshops, user personas, customer journeys, low and high-fidelity prototypes, responsive wireframes, styleguides, wireframes, user-interaction models and materials, Visual Design artifacts and others.

Creative Director, DevExpress
(2012 – 2013)

As the lead for a team of designers and developers, I developed a visual system across the company’s web-presence, demo-applications, print-marketing, and digital advertising.

Working with high-level ex-executives from Microsoft, I built a small team that was able to execute across various platforms, directing major changes in the company website, demo software across iOS, Android, and Windows platforms, and influence the direction toward where the company should be focusing.

As well, as part of the executive leadership team, I presented the company focus via speaking-engagements across the U.S. and Europe. The focus of these community-engagements spoke to multi-channel design, new technology (ie., HTML5 and CSS3), and design theory.

Senior UX Designer, Dashwire / HTC
(2011 – 2012)

While at Dashwire, my responsibilities included Creative and Art-Direction for multiple products, client-presentations and engagement, Information Architecture, design and front-end development, and workflow development.

User Experience Designer and Evangelist, Microsoft
(2006 – 2011)

My responsibilities included HTML5 + CSS3, WPF, and Silverlight development of “next-gen” experiences in support of Microsoft’s focus on design and web standards. Of note was the Creative Direction for multiple digital experiences in support of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 9, leading the creative direction for projects such as “Nevermind the Bullets,” “Floweroscope,” [site retired] and other examples geared to show the speed and compatibility with HTML5, CSS3 and other emergent web standards at the time.

I provided Creative Direction for Microsoft’s MIX, PDC, and TechEd conferences, helping Microsoft grow its brand and reach. Deliverables included, but were not limited to: prototype demo software and websites, the individual conference websites, supporting presentation decks, signage, video and content delivery, mobile applications, software, advertising, and more.

I also designed and produced prototype software and websites such as “The Archivist,” “Ai2Canvas,” “Flotzam” and others. I gave numerous public presentations across the globe — the U.S., Australia, Norway, and others — focusing on technology, design, and development.

Senior Designer, Razorfish
(2005 – 2006)

As a Senior Designer I was responsible for User Experience concept & design for clients such as Microsoft, Cingular, and GeekSquad. A project of note during this time was as the design lead, embedded on-site at Microsoft’s Mountain View, CA campus, for the redesign of Windows Live Mail (Hotmail).

Working with a team of Information Architects, Junior-Level Designers, and an amazing Creative Director, I was tasked with Design, Front-End Development, Project Management, and Client-Facing presentations and engagement.

Product Designer, Microsoft / MSN
(2004 – 2005)

As a contract Product Designer for Microsoft’s MSN Shopping group, I worked with a small group of designers, product managers, and business analysts to support MSN Shopping’s User-Interface design for current site: http://shopping.msn.com.

I oversaw the development of design standards for MSN’s next-generation shopping site : http://beta.shopping.msn.com using HTML, CSS, & JavaScript coding and standardization of design elements, industry-standard design tools, and collaborative design methods to define user-journeys, core tasks, feature sets and supporting visual design vision.

Designer, RealNetworks
(1999 – 2001)

Design and development direction on internal tools including Intranet and Human Resources interfaces.


Tim consistently exceeded my expectations with his visual/creative design skills and his ability to quickly turn ideas into real, implementable and innovative solutions for the client.
Angel Vaccaro,
Digital Business & Strategy Leader for Deloitte Digital. Digital Leader for Technology, Media and Telecommunications

  • Art and Creative Direction
  • Team Leadership and Management
  • Omni-Channel User Experience (UX) Expertise
  • Customer / User Research, Personas and Customer Journeys
  • Taxonomies and Information Architecture Development
  • Visual and Interaction Design
  • Rapid-Prototype and Interaction Modeling using Axure, Sketch, Principal, and other tools
  • Adobe Creative Suite, Sketch, Principal, and most other normally-used software in the technology design industry
  • Client Engagement, Public Speaking and Presentations
  • HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and Responsive Web expertise
  • e-Commerce workflows
  • “Internet of Things” experience including work with Drones, Beacons, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Location-Based Experiences
  • Office 365